My research is oriented to the study of individual variations in behaviour and emotions from genetic and physiological basis in relation to ecology and evolution. I am also interested in consevational sciences, animal welfare and evolutionary ecology. I am currently conducting a postdoctoral study on emotions and cognition in titi monkeys (2020-2022, Fyssen foundation postdoctoral grant).


I realized my PhD from September 2014 to Spetember 2017  in the UMR CNRS/MNHN 7179 MECADEV in the Brunoy colony of grey mouse lemurs, in which I could work with more than 450 grey mouse lemurs. During my PhD, I learned to use the “animal model” approach (ASREML-R software) to estimate the effect of additive genetic variance in personality and physical performance in a colony of grey mouse lemurs (Microcebus murinus), in order to infer evolutionary implications.

I am also particularly interested in naturalism and biodiversity of various taxa (arthropods, birds, plants).

Before my PhD

I realized 4 research interniship before strating my PhD on the evoloution of post reproductive lifespan in mammals, cooperative behaviours in primates, and personality in Cheirogaleid species.


I like working with animals and study their behaviour in the wild and in captivity. I worked with wild lemurs (Cheirogaleus medius, Microcebus murinus, Microcebus rufus) in two occasions, in the Kirindy forest (Morondava, Madagascar) in collaboration with the German Primate Center (Göttingen, Germany) and in the Ranomafana forest in collaboration with Mark Krasnow lab (Stanford University, California). I am currently involved in a research project on cephalopods’ neuroethology.

What I like the most in research is meeting people and collaborate with them in order to learn from them, always try to learn new methods and new skills, and write articles to share our findings with other scientists and non-scientists.

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